Providing over 28 years of experience, Fabric Wall Concepts is the #1 choice for stretched fabric acoustical panel systems. We pride ourselves on our high quality work, tailoring custom solutions and adapting to the needs of the end user. We have installed our panel systems in restaurants, churches, hospitals, home theaters and countless corporate environments.


Our stretched fabric panel system can be installed on walls and ceilings for acoustical and/or tackable purposes. Panels can be installed on any surface or substrate and are constructed on site to ensure clean joints in all applications. From straightforward installations to detailed work, Fabric Wall Concepts brings a high level of experience in order to provide high quality finishes.

Our stretched fabric acoustical panel system provides great flexibility in aesthetically addressing reverberations and reflections within a space. When sound reflections in a space pass though the fabric, 80-85% of the reflections are absorbed by the AcoustiCotton core (in 1" thick panels). 

Our stretched fabric tackable panel system utilizes a high quality mineral fiber board for a clean and functional finish. All materials we use are Class-A Fire Rated.


Fabric Wall Concepts is proud to have worked with many highly respected clients, installing our products across 37 different states, while building long standing relationships. Our high quality work has been featured in such establishments as P.F. Chang’s, The Phoenician Resort, Michael Dominick's Steakhouse, Eddie V’s, and MidFirst Bank…just to name a few. We look forward to building on current relationships, while continuing to provide our custom tailored solutions to many more to clients come.



When installing our stretched fabric acoustical wall and ceiling systems, Fabric Wall Concepts uses a high-performance, environmentally friendly product called AcoustiCotton. 

Features Include:

  • Excellent NRC rating
  • Class-A Fire Rating
  • Recycled/Recyclable 
  • No harmful irritants
  • No skin or itch irritants
  • No formaldehyde
  • Economical

Composed of reclaimed and recycled cotton fibers, this "green" product offers excellent sound absorption and a superior NRC. Meet your acoustic needs with a safe and sustainable alternative to fiberglass. Whether installed in its raw form or in a stretched fabric panel system, AcoustiCotton is your high-performance, environmentally friendly acoustic solution. 

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