Acousticotton is....

100% Natural

100% Recycled

Containment Free

Formaldehyde Free

100% Recyclable

Cotton Has Never Been So Quiet!

Office. Classroom. Home theater. Conference room. Cafeteria. Restaurant. Worship center. Cinema. Healthcare facility. Spa. Hotel.


These are just some of the spaces that can be quieter and safer with Acousticotton, a semi-rigid acoustic board. Whether you are looking for acoustic core material, direct-applied or stand-alone panels, Acousticotton is an integral part of your acoustic solution.


Meet your sound control, noise control, and acoustic needs with a safe and sustainable alternative to semi-rigid fiberglass panels. Composed of reclaimed and recycled cotton fibers, this "green" product offers excellent sound absorption and a superior NRC in bonded, recyclable sheets.

From raw materials to manufacturing, Acousticotton is an effective, environmentally friendly acoustic solution.


Other products, used for similar applications, are required by law to display warning labels on all packaging materials because of the potentially harmful irritants. Such products present the risk of hazardous particulates escaping into HVAC systems and surrounding areas causing health concerns.


When you decide to install Acousticotton, you're choosing a superior product that will help create an acoustically and environmentally friendly space.


Acousticotton Information Sheet

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